Triple Warmer Meridian-Hormonal System

Triple Warmer Meridian and Therapeutic Massage

According to traditional Chinese Medicine, the body’s energy, known as qi, circulated via twelve meridians. Blockages in any of these pathways can cause physical or emotional illnesses to develop. Each meridian corresponds to one of the body’s organs, however the twelfth meridian, called the Triple Burner, has baffled many students of this alternative medicine for quite some time.

Unlike the other eleven meridians, the Triple Burner doesn’t correspond directly to one organ; instead it comprises multiple organs of the body that are primarily responsible for metabolizing all fluids that enter the body. The Triple Burner is composed of the upper, middle, and lower burners, and as you move continuously down the body, their functions become clear. The upper burner aids in distributing fluids through the body via the lungs, the middle burner controls digestion, and the lower prepares the fluids for excretion.

A bodyworker familiar with Chinese Medicine and the Triple Burner will know when there’s been impairment to any of the burners, due to the obvious symptoms your client presents. When the upper burner malfunctions, the immune system will be weakened and your client may experience cold or flu-like symptoms. When the middle burner isn’t working properly, your client will have digestive issues, like nausea, heartburn or bloating. Finally, when the lower burner fails, problems urinating will occur.

Pay close attention to the details your client shares with you regarding any physical discomforts, as it may lead to a session that involves focusing on the Triple Burner meridian. This meridian can help relieve a number of uncomfortable conditions that your client may be experiencing.

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