I bought the cold laser LLLT to help with my hip pain.After only a few uses, I no longer have pain in the area! I can't believe how fast it worked for me, My wife is now going to try it on her lower back because of the success I have had with it. The price was right, and it is easy to use too. I also like that it is set up for a 30-minute session when you turn it on.
After having a few treatments with a similar much more expensive laser in my doctor office I decided to take a chance on this one. My word I can't believe how well it works. I have chronic back pain from Multiple surgeries, I was finding some relief in my low back when I pulled something in my left shoulder. I devided to work on the shoulder to see if I could get it to stop throbbing and it went away, totally I am sold! Thanks again for a great buying experience as well.
This unit will help you heal itself. I have had very good experience with cold laser before and am very happy to own my own unit now. I would like to get a clinical-grade device but this is affordable, portable and effective!
Very pleased with the quality and ease of use. It works great for my dogs as well as myself. Would recommend.
So far so good, have only had for two weeks,feel some circulation improvement in lower legs and reduction in pain

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