Physiotherapy Meridian health care equipment


DDS Bio Electric Massage Machine Device

DDS Meridian Master Health Care Instrument Combined with TCM Meridianology, Physics, Acupuncture, Ergonomics Technology and other innovative products in many disciplines, DDS this product breakthrough technology innovation for modern families Health care provides a fruitful solution. Meridian Health Care Equipment is dedicated to serving the world Family health, science and technology, convenience, safety, economy, its original mathematics chip, successful physical development Thermal Technology, Middle and Low Frequency Synthesis Technology, Ultrasonic Technology, Digital Keys Smart Switching, Digital Display Technology , The organic integration of surgery will become a helping hand for your healthy and beautiful life.
DDS Application:
1.Dredging meridian
2.Stimulate blood circulation
3.Activated cell
4.Activation of nerve and muscle tissue
5.Regulating digestive system
6.Reduce inflammation
7.Stop the pain
8.Eliminate fatigue
9.Cleaning out the body
10.Beauty face
11.Weight losee
12.Eye massage;




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