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Get body Slimming By Meridian Massage


Massage as a kind of non-medicine natural treatment and physical treatment has a long history, and which has been phrased as senior medicine by some scholars, since it has big effects in our health, thus today we are going to talk about something about massage and health.

Meridian massage is to get some a certain manipulation method or body activities onto meridians and collaterals of body in prevention of disease and for health care. And massage is originated form self-defense instinct of human beings, which has the following functions.

meridian massage picture

The Benefit of Meridian Massage

Massage can be working onto certain parts of human body for producing effects in pathology and biology.

In summary, massage has effects such as dredging meridians, smoothing blood vessels, activating bone knuckles and adjusting organ functions and reinforcing anti-disease ability. Now we would like to introduce some of them.

No.1 adjust functions of liver and other organs

Pathological changes of body can be summarized as imbalance of functions of insider organs.

Massage is to use skillful ways to readjust new balance of organs functions for reaching goals of treating disease and keeping our body healthy.

They participate in the body’s metabolism, excretion of waste, gland secretion, and participate in body temperature regulation

No.2 dredge the meridian channels of blood

Blood is main material for maintaining our life, and meridians are channels for operating, transmitting and communicating blood of our body. And once blood of meridians are abnormal, exterior virus would run into our body can cause disease, and which would be reflected onto body appearance.

Massage can promote production and operation of blood and functions of meridians to harmonize organ functions and prevent exterior virus and interior disease.

Massage to the surface of the skin aging cells, improve skin’s breathing, is conducive to the secretion of sweat glands and sebaceous glands, increase skin lubrication and protection, make the skin smooth and moist, eliminate fatigue, eliminate detoxification, lose weight, get body slimming  through vitality bloody Waste.

No.3 smooth knuckles of muscles and bones

Massage can adjust breathing by working onto skin; and massage can smooth skin grain and interstitial space by working onto muscles;

Massage can expel stasis and relieve stagnation by working onto blood vessels.

And massage can directly correct tendon exceeded and bone joints broken. Thus no matter exterior virus and interior disease all can be treated by massage.

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The principle of Meridian massage treatment

Treating principle of massage is the general law for treating disease. In clinical work, massage should be adopted in accordance with different people, different diseases, different pathology, different time, and different places by different combinations for treating disease.

But specific treatment methods of massage are finished under principles of treating, which include concept of wholism, diagnosis and treatment based on an overall analysis, simultaneous treatment principal and subordinate symptoms, simultaneous treatment principal and subordinate symptoms, and association of activity and inertia.


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