Gua Sha Benefits

Gua Sha Benefits

Gua Sha benefits a lot for those who care about healthy. It cost very few, buy a set of guasha tool can use more than 10 years, take a look at this writing!

Depression acupressure

Depression acupressure

If you are suffering Depression Acupressure, read this article, try the acupressure, it will help you a lot for sleeping and keep joyful.



Know about the 12 main meridians to know more about your meridian health, click here.

EFT Therapy tapping for anxiety

Tapping solution is a pain-free and uncompleted method. EFT healing also commonly known as EFT Tapping anxiety, is an emotional release techniquee.Meridian Tapping or EFT is called emotionally focused therapy, it’s very efficient to be used for health.

What is Gua Sha Benefits

The meridian theory of Chinese medicine is benefit for various diseases and opens a new path for prevention and treatment of diseases by means of natural therapy, includes the body scraping guasha therapy.