Acupressure massage therapy

Acupressure massage therapy-There is a Chinese belief that energy is constantly flowing through the body. They believe that disease is caused by an obstruction to this flow and removing this obstruction is the key to curing this disease. This theory is the basis of acupuncture therapy as well as acupressure massage.

The principle behind both acupressure therapy and acupuncture massage is the same. Both are focused on reaching certain points of the body called meridians. They are believed to be the channel through which energy flows and are mostly the sites that are blocked in diseases. Once this particular channel is reopened, the person will get well.

The difference between acupuncture therapy and acupressure massage is that in acupuncture, they use needles and heat to reach that particular meridian point, while in acupressure massage, the meridian point is reached by firm but gentle pressure of the hand accompanied by certain movement towards a specific direction. This would open the channel letting the energy pass. Sometimes, it takes several treatment sessions while others require only a single treatment.

There are many meridian points in the body and obstruction of a certain point corresponds to a specific disease to an organ or body part since there is not enough energy flowing through it. Using acupressure massage, the exact meridian point is pressed firmly accompanied by circular motion. This is accompanied by massage techniques such as kneading, tapping and vibration to make sure the energy is evenly distributed throughout the body. The number of pressure points needed to be opened depends on the condition or the target organ being treated. These points are not necessarily near each other, sometimes it is scattered to different parts of the body while others are just confined to a certain area.

Acupressure massage is not only used when a person is medically sick. This can also be used to relieve muscle pain, which is done by removing the stress and tension in the muscle. Other uses for acupressure massage is for pain relief, improvement of circulation, mind and body relaxation.
Most people prefer acupressure massage to other methods of relaxation because it not only focuses on specific body parts such as neck, back and limbs but takes on a holistic approach so that all meridian points are open to energy flow to give you a sense of well being.

Acupressure massage is beginning to be recognized as science and not just traditional healing as meridian points have been scientifically proven and mapped out using electrical currents. To date, there are 350 meridian points that are scientifically mapped out. Because of this, there have been emergence of massage equipment that are designed to target these meridian points for relaxation and stress relief and can be applied by the person himself. Among these are massage chairs and air compression system.

Because of these inventions, it is now possible to treat yourself to an acupressure massage at your convenience. You can even enhance your relaxation experience by lighting an aromatic candle, scented burner or incense and combine aromatherapy with acupressure massage treatment.

The RF Cavitation machine is a Meridian healthcare machine that easily help you open the median and massage your body.


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