Our consciousness functions at a multidimensional level. We absorb, and release energy to and from the universe, and for optimal health you only want to nurture positive energy. There is an intricate network of channels running throughout the physical body. Our physical body is the 5th body, and the Pranic Body is the 8th. Yes, we have 10 bodies that make up our entire being; mind, body, and soul.

The world consists of opposing forces; male/female, sun/moon, yin/yang. What does this mean? Well, it’s all about finding balance. A tough feat in the world we live in today, but it is definitely achievable. If we are negative, have poor health, and have thoughts of doubt running through our minds then we are not balanced. You’ll know when you’re out of balance because negative thoughts will linger, and overshadow all the positivity.

So we know what to do with our physical body, eat right and stay fit, but what about our celestial being? Taking care of the physical is only a portion of the equation. Blocked energy sources also have the potential to hinder our health. For example, if the ajna chakra, or the 3rd eye, is clear than clairvoyance improves. Eyes are linked to this chakra, and if it is blocked you could potentially diminish the love in your life because love, after all, is emitted through healthy eyes.

An intricate system of chakras, meridians, and nadis run through the Pranic Body. At a high level there are 7 primary chakras, 3 nadis, and 14 meridians circulating your own chi, or life force energy. Branching from the 3 nadis are thousands more nadis, 72,000 have been identified. Accupuncture has been in practice much longer than pharmaceutical medicine. If you’ve ever been for acupuncture then your nadis have been cleared by a professional. The little pins they stick in you, they are meticulously tapping into one of the channels. You could say these nadis are the anatomy of the Pranic Body.

1. Ida Nadi (Lunas channel) – On the left side of the spine, starting at the lowest energy source and running up to the left nostril. The cooling of the moon.
2. Pingala Nadi (Solar channel) – On the right side of the body, starting at the lowest energy source and running out of the right nostril. The heating of the sun.
3. Sushumna Nadi (Central channel) – Runs along the centre of the spine and move through to the top of the head (Crown chakra)
4. Meridians are paths in which the energy flows. There are 14 Meridians in total with each ending at either the hand or foot. Every Meridian has a yin (masculine) and yang (feminine) compliment. Yin energies primarily run up and at the front of the body. Yang meridians run down the back to the feet. Powerful meridians are found at the lower part of the body.

Energy flows through the 14 Meridian channels, each ending at the hand or foot. Each Meridian has a yang (feminine), yin (masculine) compliment. At the lower part of the body you will find the most powerful meridians.

These pathways connect to a higher force, receiving and releasing energy into the universe. Our life force is always moving. Channels with a low vibration will create less light, which will make you feel sluggish. This is why many people say ‘love and light’. If everything is flowing smoothly then your emotional self will be strong. You will be happy and vibrant!


There are many ways to release blockages: Massage, Acupuncture,Moximation,CUPPING, Tapping, Meditation,Yoga, They are all Plain and simple, which way works with you?

The Acupuncture pens are discovered to have the function of releasing blockages.

The rf cavitation has the functure of massage and cuppling to clear the meridians and body skin.

Before you take the next steps, be sure to familiarize yourself with each chakra; the emotion and physical body part connected to that chakra. If you are committed to practicing meditation you will notice warm and cold sensations. Warm indicates a chakra is blocked and cool indicates it is clear.

During your meditation you might want to chant. Each chakra is stimulated by a specific sound. Yoga is another great way to clear blockages. If you notice a few warm areas during your meditation practice it is a good idea to the yoga pose that will help ease the block.

We are all aware of energy. How many times have you walked into a room and felt negative energy or just didn’t feel comfortable in a situation? Or what about meeting someone who drains you? Well, that is the energy being sucked out of you. Hone in on your inner voice. You’ll find your answers there.


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